Learn To Hear The Voice Of God

At Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Cleveland, our mission is to help each student:


Encounter God

At BSSM Cleveland we have a high value for God and His presence. Encountering God brings us into a revelation of His nature and transforms us into His image. We create a culture that values God’s presence and encourages students to encounter God personally and corporately.

Know Your Identity

Knowing who God says that we are empowers us to live to the height of our potential and calling in God. At BSSM it is important to us that all students come into a deep understanding of who they are in Christ and how that impacts the way that they live.

Live the Gospel

We believe that all believers are called to walk in the love and power of God. We owe the world an encounter with God and to represent Christ well. We encourage all students to develop a lifestyle of risk that puts the Gospel of Jesus Christ on display in every environment they are in.